My long lost affair with poetry

Here we are, in another brand new week. I planned on putting up some posts over the weekend but I couldn’t. I was swamped with different activities. Don’t know why I can’t just stay still and rest.

Although I wasn’t able to do much writing over the weekend, I had to face something that I have been hiding from for a while. Poetry. I shouldn’t really describe it as hiding. I’ve just been too lazy to bring my brain to focus on understanding the rudiments involved in writing a good poem. On Saturday, I was made to confront my long lost friend.

I received a call from one of my pastors on Saturday evening. I was watching Barbershop 2 and my brain was already in the ‘no thinking’ mode. The phone call was brief. He wanted me to write a poem for our resident pastor who turned 40 last week. ‘Write a what???’ My brain screamed. It gets worse. I had to send the poem to him that evening. It was to be read during service the next morning. My brain had it’s answer ready, “no, no, no”. But how could I disappoint my Pastor? I’m sure he didn’t realise how much of a struggle his request would be for me.

Anyway after promising to send the poem, I went back to watching Barbershop 2. I just couldn’t deal at that moment. The movie finished at 9pm and I opened my laptop and I just started at the blank MS Word document for some minutes.

“Write something Doyin. Think”.

I was as blank as the screen in front of me. So I pulled my old but reliable writing trick, I just started writing everything that came to my mind about the resident pastor. I typed things like ‘Father, friend, teacher’ etc. I had to think to go deeper and suddenly I unlocked something. The words started to come to me. I wrote them down, tweaked and fine-tuned a bit, adjusted the rhymes, synchronised the flow and I was done. I looked at the time and it was 9:35. I had done all this in just about 30 minutes! That’s really a record for me.

Here’s what I came up with. It doesn’t follow the conventional structure and rhythm for poetry. Given the short time, I didn’t have time to factor in those elements.

What can we say about a man so great and rare?
How can we describe a leader who does not fail to care?
Words are not enough to express our love for a father so dear

When troubles so great threatened to knock us down
His words and counsel deeply appropriate
Turned every frown upside down
When uncertainty and discomfort loomed, bringing fear and despair
He was always there
With support we could always count on; everyday and every year

Oh words are really not enough
To describe our dear Pastor
A father, friend and mentor
A confidant and wise teacher
Not your typical everyday preacher
No. He’s a man in whose heart great care lays
Who teaches us each day to walk in God’s ways
A man whose arms are open wide
Never failing to stand by your side
A rare gem he truly is
One in whom God’s light daily resides

In this season of great rejoicing
Our gratitude we are loudly expressing
For you’ve been such a great blessing
That is why today we are proclaiming
We celebrate you at forty sir

So what do you think? Should I take up poetry more seriously or let it go. This is the third poem I’ve written so far. I’ll share the other two some other time.


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