You don’t have any excuse

No excuse

Excuses are a very interesting concept. They present an easy way out as opposed to taking responsibility. They give us the leverage to be lazy while we push all the blame to external factors. Are you one of those people who resort to giving excuses at the slightest setback? Even when these excuses are legitimate, do you bother to find a way out? If you don’t then you are really limiting yourself.

There’s a popular saying that nothing good comes easy and I believe in the truth of that statement. So many times, as I work to achieve my goals, I get to the verge of giving up. And it could have been easy to do so; lack of funds, limited support and other things are some of the challenges I have faced. Let’s think about it, what can do you do when you have no money or the tools that you require for work? Did you say nothing? Wrong! There is always a way out. It might be harder or more difficult but there is always a way to achieve your dreams.

When I decided to start my business, the challenges that faced me were enormous. Being an online business to a large extent, I needed constant electricity and an internet connection. I had neither. IBEDC (Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company) had just cut the light in my lodge and my former landlord was nowhere to be found. All pleas to the IBEDC fell on deaf ears. They insisted on seeing the landlord. It was very easy to have given up at this point but I had to look for a plan B. I approached a friend and he allowed me to become a ‘tenant’ in his office. So the reception became my workstation. Next was the internet problem. I had to find a way to maximise my Blackberry data for this purpose. It’s been quite stressful, especially when my phone got damaged and was not working for about three weeks. Still I had to find a way out. Funds still remain a challenge but as I choose not to yield to giving excuses, I am finding ways to get what I want despite the limited funds.

So what’s your excuse? What’s your reason for not doing what you’ve always wanted to do? Do you want to study a course but you don’t have enough money to get a degree? Why don’t you try and enrol for free online courses? Alison has been such a great blessing to me. The courses are very useful and practical and I didn’t have to pay through my nose to gain new knowledge. You can use such platforms as Alison to gain the knowledge that you want and when you finally get the money, then you can go for that big degree. Don’t just sit there and lament on how you don’t have money to further your education.

The internet is a great resource and if you keep your eyes open, you will find ways to achieve your dreams despite whatever limitations you face. For example, I recently discovered the ‘Get Your Business Online’ campaign by Google and Intuit. I was really excited. Just imagine how much a person will save on website design and internet hosting. There is so much for us to explore in the world but you need to refuse to yield to the desire to give excuses.

As we step into this new week, see every challenge as an opportunity for greatness. Don’t let them weigh you down and refuse to give excuses. There is so much potential locked up in you. Don’t let them be buried under a pile of excuses.

Have an amazing week!


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