#FreestyleWriting – Letting the words flow

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I don’t have anything in particular that I want to blog about. Actually scratch that. There are so many things in my mind but I’m just too lazy right now to articulate my thoughts. I’m going to do some freestyle writing instead which I find very soothing.

Enjoy…and let me know what you think 🙂

You start out in this world with all the optimism you can muster. As a child, what’s there to worry about? You’re just expected to play, play and play. Then suddenly, that happiness is taken away from you. You are not prepared for it. One minute you are a child and the next, you are forced to be an adult. You can’t shed tears. “It’s a sign of weakness”, that voice in your head remarks. You hold it in; save it for a time when no one can see. Then you can really let it all flow. It’s like a flood of water. How refreshing.

The game has changed. Trouble has stepped in. But how do you deal with it? Oh I know…why not try anger? It’s the easy option and let’s be real, you didn’t ask for all this. All you just wanted was to just be a child but now, that simple desire has been taken away from you. You are angry. Very angry. Dark thoughts build up on your inside. That darkness begins to escape to the outside. You don’t care though; the world made you like this. Anger is your coping mechanism. You shut everyone out. You build that wall so high that it is such a daunting task to even think about climbing it. What about those who are brave enough to try to make that climb? Ah…you have something in store for them; thorns lie on the other side of that fence. There is no way anyone is getting through. No way. You’re in control now. Your childhood was taken away from you. It’s the least that could be expected from you.

And so it begins to happen. That trouble begins to define you. It sets off a series of unfortunate events; the latter greater than the former. You begin to think about why you are really in this world. Was God’s intention to make you suffer? Did He delight in the pain you have hidden so deep in your heart; pain that cannot be described? Hmm…God. Is there even a God? Does He care? The pictures flood your mind…of how life was before trouble stepped in. Happiness was all you knew. There was light in your world. Someone should really have hinted you that trouble was coming. It took you by surprise. You were ill-prepared.

Wait a minute. I hear an ache in your heart…an ache for the light. Your heart has become so weighed down with the darkness. The weight of the pain has been crushing your heart and right now, you are at the tipping point. Shall we be honest? This darkness route has not really worked. You’re all alone in your secluded world; afraid to let people in, afraid to show the pain that you feel. You think anger helps you to play it safe. It would shield you from further trouble, you reason. What you don’t realise is that it has eaten so deep into you, creating further layers of trouble. Are you aware of these multiplied troubles? Yes? No? Oh I forgot…you’ve given up. You just don’t care anymore.

Forgive me for dwelling on this issue but can you try something please? Can you step over to the light? No don’t cringe. I’m being serious. Can you free yourself of all that pain? Is it possible to take a bottle, blow in all the darkness and throw it in the ocean? Can you do that? You can be made whole again. That happiness you felt so many years ago can be restored. That trouble or should I say those troubles can disappear. What has happened has happened. Please change the narrative. Don’t let that trouble of ages past continue to define you. Break free.

“How am I so confident that this would work”, you ask. Well the answer is quite simple. I’ve been there, done that.


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