Another little Thursday inspiration


Don’t know what is happening today but I’m being inspired by songs. I guess this is what happens when you take time off and you have a lot of time on your hands. I shall cherish this holiday of mine.

The first song is ‘As long as You’re there’ by Donnie McClurkin. I first heard this song during the yearly convention that my church organises. The theme for this year was ‘Heaven on Earth’ and before giving her message, the Head Pastor’s wife, Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi, asked the choir to sing this song. Although I did not know the song, it spoke to me. I could relate with what Uncle Donnie was saying. Nothing else matters to me right now but God. A lot of people think I’m crazy to just live my life in reckless abandon to God. The thing is, who else will I live my life in reckless abandon to? Anyway I hope this song blesses you as well.

Moving to the next song – this song has also blessed me tremendously and I heard it for the first time at the convention. I should actually do a post about the convention we had. To say that it was powerful will just be an understatement. It was mind-blowing. Words fail me right now. Anyway, back to the song – ‘Your presence is heaven to me’ by Israel Houghton is just amazing. It is such a spirit-filled song. You cannot sing it and remain the same. it just pulls you towards God. Ah…don’t let me even start; just enjoy the song.

What songs are inspiring you at the moment? Do share. Remember Jesus loves You and deserves your very best.


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