Is happiness hurting you?

Today is Wednesday and it kinda feels like a Monday. Maybe it’s because we had a long holiday. Most people are back to work and students have resumed school…finally! Parents were running out of creative ways to keep their children busy. So I’ve imposed a compulsory holiday on myself. As usual, I stressed myself to the point of almost breaking down (*tales of a workaholic*). As you can imagine, somehow I’m still working…just at a slower pace.

One of the great things about taking a break to relax is that you get to reflect. I love to reflect. I feel a person that does not reflect is a person that does not grow and learn. How do you grow if you cannot reflect on past experiences to gain insight from them? Anyway as I was reflecting today, I thought about what it truly means to be happy. My birthday is coming up in a couple of months and the ‘big 25’ is here. But I’ve not achieved all the things on my ‘must do by 25′ list. It used to bother me before but I realised that I am happy with where I am right now. What makes me happy despite the fact that I have not achieved a lot of my goals? Well, it’s the inner peace that God gives me. I have goals but God has a grand plan. Since I know that He has good thoughts towards me, I can be happy with the assurance that He has a better ending for me than I can ever imagine.

The ’ember’ months are usually sad for a lot of people. We start off with a lot of energy at the beginning of the year but as life throws in its bumps and curves, that energy wanes. That joyful chap who saw the world as his oyster in January is now a recluse in October, wondering why he is such a failure. It doesn’t have to be that way. How you define happiness and the things that make you happy will help you to keep your head high when things are not going your way. You can be happy even though you still haven’t gotten your dream job 10 months after making endless applications. You can be happy despite the fact that you are still squatting and it looks like there’s no hope of you getting your own place in 2014. You can still be happy even when you are faced with hurt and disappointment.

Being happy is great but it is not something that is left to fate. You determine whether you want to be happy or not. Take comfort in the fact that God is on your side and He has the best in store for you. Don’t let anybody or anything rob you of your happiness. And do you know what I love more than being happy? It’s being joyful. No they are not the same thing. I’ll need to write another post to explain the difference but to put it simply, joy comes from within. When you have joy in your heart, you will always be happy.

Let October be the month where you actively choose to be happy, come what may. You’ll thank yourself later for doing this.


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