While I was away…

Wow! It feels like such a long time since I updated this blog. Actually, it’s been a long time. I apologise. I had to take some time off to refresh and renew my mind. Too many things were happening all at once. Now my head is lighter and things are much clearer.

I have a lot to share over the next few days. During my self-imposed break, I realised the following:
1) Nothing is impossible for you to achieve with God and a dash of ‘smart-work’.
2) If God opens our eyes to see the heights He wants to take us to, a lot of us will put in more effort.
3) Despite how badly you want something, it’s always best to wait on God. If it is yours, you will definitely get it.
4) Being a yielded vessel for God should be everyone’s desire. Our goal is to do God’s will always, despite our own personal goals and desires.
5) Every thing always works out well in the end. God is a grand Master Planner and He has the best end in mind for you.

Some of these things are not new to a lot of us but we need to be reminded of them occasionally. And what better time to do so than the end of another month? Despite how September went, knowing that God has the best in mind for you will give you the energy to go through October. If these 9 months haven’t been too good for you, being reminded the God is the greatest Master Planner reassures you that the year can still end well for you. That’s one thing I love about God’s word. It is never stale. The truth in it remains relevant everyday and in every moment.

What truth in God’s word has kept you? What word have you held on to that continues to renew you? Keep holding on to it. Keep believing that every word God has spoken in your life will come to pass and it surely will.


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