What to do when you are struggling with sin

Struggling with sin

I had a great time in Church yesterday. Well, that’s nothing new because I always have a great time in the presence of God. God’s house is my home. Yesterday was even greater because my pastor’s wife, Pastor Teju Ujomu, was very real with us in her preaching. She talked about how many Christians are struggling with sins that they ought not to be struggling with. She used her life as an example and told us how she was able to overcome the sin that held her bound. It a struck a chord within many people that were present at service yesterday including me.

One of the things Jesus gave us victory over when we became born again is sin. He has given us the power to overcome sin but we have to exert that power. We have to do the work to prevent sin from abiding in us. The Bible tells us not to let sin dwell in our mortal bodies and we should let sin be far from us (Romans 6:12). It is therefore our responsibility as believers to take the steps to ensure that we are not ensnared in the thick web of sin.

It is very easy to fall into sin and make it a habit. We are human and we all have our various weaknesses. For some it is sex, for others it is telling lies or alcohol consumption. Isn’t it interesting how sin begins with a very small step? I believe it starts with curiosity, then you continue to indulge (ignoring that voice within you that is telling you that what you are doing is wrong) and before you know it, you can’t help yourself; you are in too deep. We’ve all been there. If you are still struggling with one sin or the other, I want you to know that you can overcome it. Sin is not part of the package of salvation and like I said, you already have the power within you to overcome that sin. You need to immerse yourself in the word of God. Sin is darkness and the word of God is the light that will take away that sin away. However, filling your heart with the word of God alone will not solve this problem. There are other steps that you have to take in addition to meditating on the word of God. You have to flee from that thing that causes you to sin. For example, if it is a sexual sin, it is not advisable for you to watch films or read books that have sexual content. You have to screen the things you watch, read and listen to. It is what you fill your mind with that the devil will use to entice you to sin. That is why the Bible asks us to guard our hearts with all diligence. There was a time in my life that I used to use swear words a lot. When I wanted to break that habit, one of the first things I did was to remove all the songs with curse words from my IPod. Then the friends that I had that loved to curse, I told them to stop because I didn’t like it. Some stopped cursing around me. others didn’t. I stayed away from those who would not stop cursing around me. You think that’s harsh? I don’t think so. Your salvation is more important than the approval of your friends. Then I developed alternate words to use when I felt the urge to use a curse word like ‘frick’, ‘sweet’, ‘crap’ and ‘bullfrog’. It sounded odd but it helped to wean me off cursing. After doing it consistently for a period of time, I stopped cursing completely. I cannot remember the last time I had to say ‘frick’. Although I am much stronger, I am still careful about the language I listen to. If I’m watching a movie and they are cursing too much, I turn it off. If someone is cursing when I am having a conversation with them, I tell them to stop. Those are the kinds of steps that you need to take. Stop giving excuses that you cannot help yourself or control yourself. That is a lie that the devil is using to trap you with.

You can overcome that sin today. Aren’t you tired of feeling guilty every time you do that thing you know God doesn’t like? One of the ways Pastor Teju also suggested we can use to overcome sin is to have people we are accountable to. Prayerfully choose people that you can tell the things you are struggling with. Let them pray with you and be a source of support for you. It is possible to live a life free of besetting sins. If it wasn’t possible, God would not have asked us to life a life that is free of sin. I would also encourage you to study the whole of Romans 6. It will give you a better insight into the things you’ve read in this post today.


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