Staying true to who God has called you to be


A lot of people today are suffering from what I will call ‘Identity Crisis’. You know when the world says this is the way a person should be and the person goes and becomes exactly that without considering who they really are? That is what identity crisis is. Let’s be honest; it is difficult to stay true to who you are when you are the lone voice in the desert. Not many people can gather the courage that is needed to be themselves.

So this afternoon I want to ask you; are you proud of who you are? Are you proud to be a child of God? I see a lot of believers living double lives because they are afraid of judgement or condemnation from others. But then I think about it and I wonder…whose opinion really counts at the end of the day? The multitude or God? Being ashamed of who you are will only cause you to live a life of misery. Yes, it’s cool to fit in but at what cost I ask. Everywhere I go, I make sure I let people know what I stand for and what I will not take. My friends don’t suggest certain things to me because they know I will not be interested. The fact that the multitude are indulging in a certain activity does not mean that I have to do it too. Why will I want to jump on a bandwagon that will only lead to destruction. Fitting is not as important as staying true to the person God has made me to be. It took some time for me to learn this important lesson but I thank God I did.

There are a lot of people who want to do the right thing but because everyone else is on the other side, they go ahead and make a wrong choice. They call it peer pressure but after a certain age, I don’t think it is peer pressure any longer. I think it starts to become a case of low self-esteem and lack of confidence. It is a low self-esteem that will make an enlightened young lady sell herself out just so that she can acquire material things. Yes, there are other factors responsible but it is primarily a case of low self-esteem. Notice I said an enlightened young lady. It is also lack of confidence in who God is that will make a believer walk contrary to the word of God. If God has called you for a certain purpose, why are you doing something else? I once met a very talented young man who God called into ministry but he chose instead to go secular. Instead of producing music to God’s glory, he preferred to produce songs that the world would love; songs that appealed to people’s tastes. It was sad really because the man had so much on his inside that would have been of great benefit to the world. I wish he had used his gifts in the right way. Sometimes, God doesn’t chase us like He did to Jonah. He gives us the freedom to exercise our freewill expecting that we will make the choice to follow His will.

What is the will of God for your life? Do you know your purpose? It’s time for you to stay true to that purpose. Stop trying to keep up with the trend. Stop trying to be accepted as cool. It’s time for you to set your own trend; a trend that will glorify God. I got on Facebook this morning and I saw that people have been nominating themselves to talk about why they love Jesus. I smiled. Few people have the courage to do that but that is exactly what believers need to do. We need to stay true to who we are in Christ. You can’t be talking about God, then on Facebook you post a picture of a half-naked girl. There’s no correlation. Pick one. If you are going to stand for God, then please stand for Him completely. God doesn’t like people that are lukewarm. Haven’t you read your Bible? He spits people like that out; people that sit on the fence. It’s unacceptable. Choose God and be proud of your choice.

I want to introduce The Beating After God Blog to you. The primary aim of the blog is to push out godly content. The media is saturated with all sort of junk today and we have taken it upon ourselves to change that. If you want to join us, read the blog to find out how you can do so. Let’s stand up for Jesus together.


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