Watch me; I’m shining for the Most High

Shine for Jesus

Yay! September is here. All the cool ’ember’ kids, let me see your hands up! You can tell I’m excited right? It’s not just because September is here. Every week and every day that God brings me into is special (And I’m an ’ember’ baby so that’s extra excitement).

The ’ember’ months signify the gradual rounding up of the year. We have four more months until 2014 is officially over. I’m thinking about it and asking, “When did 2014 even start?” I don’t know about you but this year has moved quite fast for me. Things have not gone the way I wanted them to and things have happened that just completely surprised me. I’ve been disappointed and I’ve been excited. I’ve been blessed and I’ve had to be strong. It’s been a mixture of the good and not so good but do you know what has remained constant? It’s God. He has been the same throughout the last 8 months. When I was happy, He was there. When I was in pain, He was there. Everywhere and in every situation, God has been present. I’ve experienced His mercy and favour in more ways than one.

I had the privilege of sharing my journey so far with someone today and as I was talking, I couldn’t help but give God glory for how far He has brought me. I tweeted a while back that things have been tough but at the end of the day I am still standing. It’s only God that could have made that possible. He gives me new strength for the journey ahead. He calms the storms and makes everything still when I am getting overwhelmed. If you don’t know Him yet, I want you to know this God. He is the beginning and the end; the first and last. He is the one that remains when the world and even your closest friends desert you. He will be your shield in difficult times and He will be your joy when it seems all hope is lost. He loves you more than any living being can ever love you. Do you know one thing I love about Him? He never goes back on His word. He says a thing and He brings it to pass. You might have to wait sometimes and there are times you feel He is saying no, but it is all for your good. He operates on the basis of perfect timing. While you have a limited view of life, He sees the complete picture. He thinks about the end before the beginning so nothing takes Him by surprise; He’s got you covered all around.

Every day I wake up and think of His love and His word, I get excited. That I why I am excited today. I see the challenges that lay ahead of me but I am still excited because I know I have already overcome. He remains the same so if He saw me through the challenges of the past, He would definitely see me through these coming challenges. I have no doubt that He would. Don’t live a life of emptiness. The way the world is going, you will find that the things of the world will no longer bring you comfort. The happiness that material things bring is temporary. In fact, you will find that you can’t keep up; the trend is always changing. What makes the world happy today may not make it happy tomorrow. The joy of God, on the other hand, is eternal; it transcends your physical circumstances. It’s something better experienced than described.

Shining for Him

Step out of the dark and come into the light. God is waiting for you. He is waiting to transform your life and heal you from that pain. He is waiting to be your anchor and your friend. Jesus is reaching out to you; wanting to bear all your burdens. Can you hear Him knocking? Can you hear His heart beating for you? All you need to do is just to say “yes”. Open the door of your heart to Him. Let Him transform your life. Let Him fill that void and emptiness that you feel. Let Him take over the affairs of your life and watch your life become better. He has everything that you would ever want or need.

I pray September brings all the joy and blessings that we desire. Above all, I pray that the light of God will shine brightly in our hearts and we will desire more of Him in our lives. Have a fabulous September and remember to shine for Jesus!


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