Morality; Lost but not yet found


I love the media and I love fashion but I don’t love what my eyes have been seeing these days. As I got on social media yesterday, I was looking forward to seeing all the fashion that was displayed on the red carpet at the VMAs. Going from picture to picture, I was just appalled. It was like a competition to be the best naked woman. Then there was the different performances which I could not bring myself to watch to the end. I was just disgusted really. Morality and decency have definitely taken a long hike.

This is not a new thing because I know someone must be saying “Doyin, are you just noticing that our morals have gone south?” No I’m not just noticing but it has become worse and this trend has started to negatively influence our kids. It’s great to be sexy and feel ‘hot’ but must everything be hanging out for a woman to be sexy? Almost every day now, someone posts a picture of their so called hot body in a bikini. That’s great; we thank God you have a nice body but can you keep it to yourself please? I walk out of my house these days and what I see people wearing just makes me cringe; this applies to guys as well. Sometimes I wonder if some of these people looked in the mirror before leaving their houses.

Many people in our generation have no idea what dignity is all about. I hear a lot of people talk about feminism and the liberation of women but on the rare occasion when I switch on my TV, all I see is women being portrayed as sex objects. From music videos to commercials, it’s all about sex. You won’t be shocked to see a toothpaste advert with sexual undertones; that’s how bad things have become. I choose not to dwell on our hip-hop music videos. Music video or soft porn; that’s the question I keep asking people.

It’s great to be young and to feel sexy but can we do things in moderation? I see some very beautiful women and I just want to tell them to cover up. There’s no need to let it all hang out for the pleasure of the world. It’s doesn’t glorify God, neither does it glorify who you are. When I was in Uni, there were certain thing like clubbing, drinking and so on that I felt people indulged in just because of their age. I felt they would outgrow it when they got older but sadly that did not happen for a lot of people. I must confess there was a time in my life that I loved wearing these skimpy clothes but as I got deeper in my relationship with God and followed the lives of my mentors, I began to get rid of those clothes. Don’t you just love a woman who is tastefully dressed? She still turns heads while being covered up at the same time.

Oprah Winfrey

We need to bring back morality from that cave we’ve hidden it. Sex is not everything. In fact I don’t see the big deal about sex so I don’t know why everything has to be about it. Sex, as created by God, is a good thing to be enjoyed within the boundary of marriage. Until you get there, do other things that will be beneficial to your life in the long run. Let’s stop being obsessed about sex, looking sexy or conforming with the latest trends of the world. As you are, you are already wonderfully and fearfully made by God. Don’t let any one deceive you into thinking otherwise. Let’s grow up and flood the media with more positive things. I’m tired of seeing news about rape and sexual abuse. I’m tired of going on social media and seeing people posting selfies of themselves taking a bath (as in why must the whole world see you taking a bath??). Can we spread positive images of women? I know a lot of women doing impressive thing for their local communities. Can we talk more about such people? Can we bring back the cherished values of old? Values like dignity, integrity, self-respect and the like.

Whatever we do today has an impact on the generation coming behind us. If our world is as it is today, I wonder how things will be for our children. Have you noticed that cartoons are now beginning to have sexual undertones too? Children are becoming sexually aware at such a young age that is becoming alarming. There needs to be a change. If we don’t want to do it for ourselves, let’s do it for our children. They deserved better and God also expects so much more from us.


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