Ten things you may or may not know about me

10 things

So I’ve been getting some comments about people wanting to get to know more about me so today’s post should help those curious folks out there. I’m not mysterious although a lot of people think I’m weird. I don’t think I’m weird. Like I say to people, I’m in my own world and in that world, I play by different rules *insert cool smiley here*. I joke. Anyway, here are 10 things I feel you should know about me.

1) I love God. I can bet I heard someone say “We know that already”. I know you do but for those who might have missed it, God is at the centre of my life and world. Everything I do is for and because of Him.

Jesus at the centre

2) I love to read. Again, for those who have been following this blog, this is like stating the obvious (I promise, I’ll soon get to the not so obvious things). I love to read anything. I love information and I read widely as a result. If you don’t know what to buy for me as a gift, it’s usually safe to buy me a book (although there might be a risk that I would have already read the book!)

3) I love food, especially sweet things. Give me cake and ice-cream any day, any time and you’re well on your way to being one of my best buddies. My favourite food is plantain and I love to experiment when I’m cooking. I’m always pushing the boundaries when it comes to recipes (see me feeling like one expert chef).


4) I tend to be in my head often. I’ll try and explain this as best as I can. My mind wanders a lot and I tend to be absent minded. I think through things and reflect too much. Sometimes I find it difficult to focus my mind because it’s thinking of 10 different things at once.

5) I’m an introvert. My idea of fun usually involves me lying in bed, under my duvet watching movies or re-runs of my favourite series. I don’t like crowd. I can hangout with three or four of my close friends but when that number begins to increase, I tend to tune out and the experience just leaves me drained.

6) I love travelling and going to new places. I think I have mentioned this before on this blog. I want to travel round the world, one city at a time. I just think the world is such a beautiful place.


7) I hate letting people down. I do my best to deliver when I’m given a task. I go out of my way to find solutions to problems. The downside of this is that I find it difficult to say no and get overwhelmed when I am overloaded with tasks from different angles.

8) I’m a chronic workaholic. I don’t know what it is but I just don’t know how to stay idle. Work, work, work…that’s me. I love being active; going up and down just working. I think that’s why a regular 9-5 job is difficult for me. I find it very boring.

9) I love listening to people. Since I love learning new things, I love listening to people talk about their work or the knowledge they have acquired. I pick things up as they talk. I grew up listening to my dad telling me stories about his life, I think that is where I got this from.


10) Hmm…what should come in as number 10. I don’t like randomness. For example, I’m walking on the street, maybe on my way home, and some random person just stops me to talk to me, It is very annoying, especially if what they have to say is not important. The same thing goes for phone calls that are just tedious; you know those conversations that feel like an exam session, “What are you doing now, what did you eat, when are you going to bed…bla bla bla”. Those are really annoying and they get under my skin.

Ok so we’ve come to the end of my list. Praise God. I’m not as complex as people think I am. You just need to study me and understand how I operate. I don’t like people who think they’ve got me all figured out and they end up doing the exact things that I hate. Oh well. I guess that’s life actually; there are some people you’ll get on fine with and there are others you will just love to hate. Notwithstanding, God still wants us to love everyone the way He loves us. Difficult with some certain people but not impossible.

See I’ve started preaching. Ok I’m rounding up this post now. Have a blessed weekend and remember to always make God your number one!




4 Replies to “Ten things you may or may not know about me”

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