Does God have a place in your life?

Love of GodAs I write this post, I feel so sleep-deprived. I had an amazing weekend. Service yesterday was great. The guest Pastor took us back to the basics; the core of our faith in God. Then there was the sleep-over which kept me awake until 4am. When my alarm went off at 6am, I thought I was still dreaming. Few hours later, I’m still feeling the effects of sleeping for only two hours.

In the midst of trying to get myself to be productive today, I’ve been thinking of what I should blog about today. So many topics came to my mind but I want ask a simple question which I want you to answer truthfully to yourself; when you come to the end of your journey in life, where will you end up? Heaven? Hell? Space? Yesterday, as Pastor Femi was preaching he said things that I have been reflecting on for a while now. It is not news that the world is in complete chaos at the moment. The headlines are always gloomy; it’s like there is competition for the most depressing news. Everyone is fearful. While we are still trying to come to terms with one disaster, another strikes. Fear is moving from country to country.

At this point, it is crucial for you to know what you are holding on to. In the midst of these storms, can you be calm? Are you afraid like the rest of the world? Do you have hope in anything or anyone? Right now, hoping in a person or particular government is only going to make you more depressed. So who can you trust in, you may be wondering. You can trust in God. You can trust in Jesus. Even in the storms, when you have God on your side, you will be still on the inside. Fear will not move you. News of disasters will not cause you to panic. He will be your ever present help in times on need. You should get to know Him.

Made to know God

One reason I talk about God a lot is because He is the centre of my life. Like the Scripture says, in Him I move, live and have my being. Without Him, I would be nobody; I won’t have been able to achieve half the things I have achieved do far in life. I would not have been able to overcome challenges that would have driven some other person to depression or cause them to commit suicide. In this turbulent world, Jesus is my anchor. He is my shield and exceedingly great reward. I want you to get to know this God. Above every dream and ambition that you have, you need God to weather the storms of life. You need to know that at the end of this life, your existence will not have been in vain. What is the point of living a glamorous life on earth only to spend eternity in hell. That’s not how I want to end up and that is not how you should end up.

As we continue with the rest of the week, let’s put things in perspective. Don’t just live an empty life, going through everyday routine without purpose. Get to know God. Let Him bring light into this increasingly dark world. You will be glad you did.

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