Have faith in God; always

faith in God“For You will light my lamp; The Lord my God will enlighten my darkness. For by You I can run against a troop, By my God I can leap over a wall. As for God, His way is perfect; The word of the Lord is proven; He is a shield to all who trust in Him.”

What a week! When this week was about to begin, I never realised it would be a challenging one. In the midst of sorting out the issues with my phone, I had a very bad case of food poisoning that lasted for 3 days. Added to this were a few upsetting news I received which should have weighed me down. Thankfully, I’m still standing strong.

One thing I had to do a lot this week was to encourage myself with God’s word. When I was too weak to pray, all I could do was mutter the Scriptures I had memorised under my breath. As weakness took over my whole body, what kept me strong was the fact that God will see me through. I knew that I would be better despite how I was feeling at the time. I chose not to let everything that was happening around me get me down. In the midst of all the darkness and pain I felt this week, I chose to count it all joy as James admonished us to.

This brings me to the Scripture above, Psalm 18:28-30. I love the Psalms. Once in a while, you should take time to read it after you pray. The words there are just profound. They make you reflect and give you hope that all will be well. This particular Scripture has been one of my favourite for a while now because I’ve needed God to enlighten me in certain areas where I was confused. Psalm 18 as a whole is very powerful but verses 28 to 30 just bring comfort. It lets me know that with God, I can do anything. Do you know what a troop is? If you do, you will know that it is almost impossible for one man to run against a troop. But the Psalmist here says that by God he can run against a troop. Not only will he run against that troop, he would overcome them. He then goes on to say that the word of the Lord is proven and is a shield to those who trust in Him. I can confirm the truth of this statement. It was the word of God that saw me through this week. Ordinarily, I’m sure I should be bed-ridden in a hospital bed by now (yes the food poisoning was that bad) but I kept speaking the truth of God’s word. When fear was meant to overcome me in its entirety, God’s word brought me peace. It wasn’t just the fact that I speaking God’s word that helped me, it was the fact that I believed what I was saying. You know it is possible to say something yet in your heart, you know that you don’t believe what you are saying. God’s word won’t work for you that way. His word is a shield to all those who trust in Him. How can His word be a shield to you if you don’t trust Him? How can you trust Him if you don’t believe what He says through His word? I love the way it is put in Isaiah 26, “You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You”. When you choose believe God’s word and focus your mind on Him, He will keep you in perfect peace. When the storms are raging around you, instead of being anxious you will have that peace which surpasses all understanding. That is why He says, “Be still and know that I am God”. You cannot be still if you don’t trust Him.

Many of us have put our trust in the wrong places; we have put our trust in men and women who end up failing us. It is not because these people don’t love us. For a lot of people, they would go the extra mile to help you but the simple fact is that man is limited in his abilities. That is just a fact of life. Your parents will disappoint you. Your husband will disappoint and even your Pastor will disappoint you. Why? It is because they are humans. Why don’t you try putting your trust in God? I must admit, it’s not easy to trust in someone you cannot see but if you take Him at His word, your life will be better off for it. Keep trusting, keep believing and keep pushing hard. I always tell people that giving up is the easiest option. Imagine trying to hold on when you are in so much pain. At that point, it is mush easier to give up than to keep holding on. No matter how tempting it is to let go and give up, don’t. Simply have faith in God. Trust in Him with all your heart, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path. Those are not my words; Solomon said them thousands of years ago and they remain true even today.

Let these words that you have read sink in as we go into the weekend. Everything will be fine. I know so because God says so!


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