Going the extra mile

TrainTracksIt feels so good to blog again. I apologise for my absence. I’ve been cut off from the online world, thanks to my phone that suddenly decided not to fully load. It’s been like that since Thursday. However, as the people in show business say, ‘the show must go on’.

Last week was truly an insightful one for me. It came with its fair share of challenges but I thank God I was able to overcome them by encouraging myself in the word of God. Today, I want to talk about going the extra mile. I realise that a lot of times we tend to get weary when things do not go the way we expect them to go. For example, you just finished your NYSC and you have sent loads of job applications to different companies and they have all come back negative. It is so easy to be discouraged. You lose hope or when a job offer comes that is not what you would take under normal circumstances, you quickly jump on it. Let’s face it, bills need to be paid and you can manage with N5,000 a month. But is that really the ideal? Have you explored all your options? Have you put in your total best? In essence, what I am asking is have you gone the extra mile?

To stand out and be great, you need to go the extra mile. There is no magic about it. You can’t keep doing what everyone else is doing. Take the saturated job market for example, what makes you different or better than the next person that is searching for a job? What unique qualities do you have? A friend of mine got a job because of the skills and experience she got from volunteering in a youth organisation. She had to volunteer because jobs were not forthcoming. However, when the jobs did come, it was worthwhile. She had been able to set herself apart from other job seekers. She developed herself. She went the extra mile. The same thing happened to me. I worked for free for over a year to gain the experience that I wanted. Along with experience, I got useful contacts that have been beneficial to me over the years.

Going the extra mile is a concept that is lost on a lot of young people today and it is really sad. Most people want an overnight success. Only a few want to do what it takes to achieve that success. Only a few are willing to put in the effort and remain consistent. This should change. If we want to build our country, we need to have that culture of consistency and persistence. There’s no shortcut; there is a time to work hard and sweat and there is also a time to reap the fruit of your labour. It’s a process. If you skip one part, you’ll remain a mediocre person.

I love people who work hard; people who know what they want and go the extra mile to achieve what they want. They are rare but they are people worth emulating.


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