Whatever it is, there’s no pressure

Church was really amazing today. Actually every service is always powerful in my church but today was special. It was just great to spend time to truly worship Him and experience His power.

I’ve said it so many times but it bears repetition, God is awesome. I am privileged to be called His child. I wouldn’t be where I am today without God. His strength has carried me through so many difficult situations and His grace has allowed me to hold on when all I wanted to do was to give up. He held my hand when there was no one around and re-ordered my steps when I went down the wrong path. I’m far from being perfect but I am glad that I have a God who is perfecting me every step of the way.

Let’s commit ourselves to God. He is the most important factor in our lives and we need to recognise that. As this month comes to an end, I want you to reflect on your walk with God. What areas can be made better? Ask Him for grace to improve. When you yearn for God, He will pull you close to Him. It’s a step you will never regret taking.

My Pastor spoke a word over our lives as he closed the service today. He said “no pressure”. That means no matter what the week brings, there will be no pressure. We will sail through. I pray the same for you as you start the new week and a new month in a few days. No pressure. I pray that you will experience an unusual peace of God every day of this week.

Go out and be a shining light every where you go.


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