What you think is as powerful as what you say

As I sat in Church today listening to the sermon (preached by the lovely Pastor Teju) I could not help but think about how awesome God really is. A lot of people say it every time; that God is awesome but I wonder how many of them truly understand what statement really means.

When we say something is awesome, we are saying that the thing is extremely impressive and ‘awe’ inducing. God is more than ‘extremely impressive’. He is magnanimous; greater than the greatest. You can’t compare Him to anyone or anything else. He is in a class of His own, right up there beyond anybody’s reach. Yet, he stoops so low to love us and care for us as a Father. He is a King but still a friend. Now, that’s awesome.

One of the statements that Pastor Teju made that stuck with me was that ‘God does not just respond to our words. He responds to our imaginations also’. Take a minute to let that sink in. That statement brings to mind Ephesians 3:20 where it says God can do exceedingly, abundantly, above all we can ask or imagine. So it’s not just about what you say alone. What are you thinking about in your mind?

People often complain that I am always in my own world; I’m usually stuck in my mind. I apologise. What they don’t understand is that this happens because I let my imaginations run wild (in a good way that is). I picture everything that God says that I am and I have. It doesn’t matter that when I open my eyes, I see the opposite of that picture. No. Please scroll back up. God responds to my imaginations. He is more than able to make those things that I imagine come to pass.

The devil tries to get to us through our thoughts. Your thoughts are very powerful. Many of us underestimate its power. Even when you are saying or doing the right thing, having wrong thoughts will soon begin to have it’s effect; changing those positive words to negative words. The beautiful thing is that we can control what we think about. Has God made a promise to you and it looks like it is taking forever? Is it a child? Or a husband? Or good health? Just continue to picture it in your mind. As you confess God’s word, begin to see in your mind that promise God has made to you. Since His word never returns to Him void, He will surely bring it to pass. Don’t be discouraged.

I pray this week will be beyond what you ask or think. Walk with God and walk in love and watch everything fall into place.


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