At the end of the day, where will you end up?

What a week! This week was filled with one chaotic situation to the other; from the conflict in Gaza to the shooting down of the Malaysia Airlines plane yesterday. Within our borders, the incessant killings haven’t stopped. With everything that is going on, don’t you just wonder what exactly is going on with the world. It just looks like a hot mess right now.

Everything that is going on reminds me of what Jesus said about the signs of the end times in Matthew 24. Yes I know it’s spooky stuff and you don’t like to think about it but we have to recognise these things as children of God. We are all going to die one day. What should be paramount in our minds is where we will end up; heaven or hell.

Too many of us are taking sin for granted these days. We are holding it with a careless finger and hiding under the umbrella of grace. Let’s stop deceiving ourselves please. Now is a good time to reflect on your walk with God. No one is perfect but everyone can make improvements. Where are you missing it? Which sin or addiction has held you bound? You need to break away from it; not tomorrow or next month but this minute.

Let’s put our lives in order and pursue the things that really matter. Money and fame are great (who doesn’t want to live a comfortable life) but they don’t guarantee a place in heaven neither are they indicators of a life well lived. It’s time to place God first in our lives and obey Him 100%. That’s complete obedience to His word and commandments as opposed to our free will. If you are living a life without God, you are definitely missing out. Why don’t you get to know Him today?

We join our brothers and sisters around the world as they mourn their loved ones. These pointless deaths have brought about such devastating effects! I pray God consoles the families of the victims and restore their hope in this dark hour.

Enjoy the weekend and remember, put God first.


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