Making friends; Beyond the risk lies a treasure

Before I begin with today’s topic, I must apologise for not putting up a post yesterday. I was a little bit under the weather; this fever just came out of the blues but thank God for His healing power, I am much better now.

I am staying over at a friend’s place and yesterday night we talked. As in really talk. I got to know her better as she opened up to me about certain things. It was fascinating. In many areas we were alike. We had gone through similar things. I pondered on how easy it is to judge people without first making an effort to get to know them.

When I first joined the choir in my church, this lady was not my favourite person. I felt she was mean; she always made blunt remarks. However as I always make sure I am civil to people, I was cordial but I kept my distance. I don’t have time for drama. I don’t know when things changed between us. We got talking more and I realised that she wasn’t so bad. We would crack jokes during rehearsals and talk about how our week went (apologies to my Music Director). Then we started to chat on Whatsapp. Now, I’m staying over at her place.

There was a time in my life that I did not like to make friends. In fact I must confess, when I first meet people, there is this huge wall that barricades me from them. From a distance things are great but when they try to get close to me, alarm bells just go off in my head like an intruder alert. Years of hurt and being taken advantage of helped me build this defence mechanism. However as I evaluate my life and reflect on the importance of making friends, I realise that this wall has to be taken down. This is a very scary thought for me. But it has to be done. Friendships are a risk. They are formed on a mutual understanding.; you let the person into your world and the person lets you into theirs. You have no idea how this person will treat you down the line, but you still take the risk nonetheless hoping with all your heart that you will not regret it.

The truth is, there are some friendships that you will regret forming. I’ve been there, done that. It’s not that the people were bad but as things progressed and life’s issues stepped in, the dynamics of the friendships just changed. And when such things happen, I just run. I didn’t try to fix things with the people involved. Now I know better. On the other hand, there will be friendships that you will forever cherish for the rest of your life. These are friendships that lead you to become a better person and cause you to maintain your sanity when things are tumbling around you. Unfortunately, when you meet people there’s no way of telling which category they will end up. You can only be led by God. If you have friends that are closer than family, cherish them and keep asking God to help you sustain that friendship. If you don’t, continue to love people anyway and the right friends will one day come your way.

Loving and caring for people can be a risk but it is a risk that is worth taking over and over again.

Photo Credit – TheOpenedBox


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