Let’s make this week our love week

What a Sunday! Today has been really great. From service in church to other activities afterwards, today did not turn out as planned and I mean this in a good way.

My Pastor, Pastor Jude Ujomu (a very awesome man of God I must add) preached about activating God’s blessings over your life. He mentioned that three things were required; faith, love and the right attitude. He dwelt a lot on faith and how faith works through love. The message was spot on for me since, as you know, I have been studying the topic of faith and yesterday, I was reflecting on the importance of putting people first before goals and ambitions (an insight I got from John Maxwell’s book).

Having faith is great you see but more importantly, we need to walk in love. I agree, loving people these days can be quite tricky but no one said it was going to be easy. While we were sinners God loved us and even when we sin, God still loves us. So why can’t we? We have God’s love in our heart don’t we?

The world would be a better place if we genuinely love others; you know, loving them as we love ourselves. It doesn’t matter whether they deserve it or not. Your duty is just to love everyone.
It may hurt sometimes but the rewards are immeasurable. Care about others beyond yourself. Reach out to people. Step outside of yourself and extend your arm in love to another person.

I want to start putting people first from now. I must admit, I’ve been so caught up in striving to achieve my goals and dreams that I have failed to consider the role people have to play in helping me achieve my dreams. People are important. Beyond being a ladder through which you can achieve your goals, having people who care about you is invaluable in times of hardship and trials.

Be a people person. I’m not just talking to you, I am also talking to myself. Let’s walk in love this week for a start. One hour at a time. Don’t let anyone leave your presence without feeling love. Even if they don’t deserve it, love them regardless. After all, Jesus asked us to love our enemies and pray for them.

I have a great feeling about this week. Something extraordinary is going to happen to me. I sense it. I pray the same happens to you.

Much love.


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