Avid reader or shallow-minded? Which one are you?

I love books. Lock me in a room filled with books and there won’t be a dull moment. Books transport me from reality to a world of possibilities. They stretch my mind and open me up to new ways of thinking.

You should read too. Not just your Facebook or Twitter timelines but real books. Our generation has become very shallow today because people hardly read anymore. In my last job, one of the things that was frequently said was “Don’t make your post too long. You know people don’t have the patience to read these days”. Why has this become the case? I know there is a lot of stuff to read on the internet but when you find that article or opinion piece that is worth reading, why are you more interested in reading about Kim Kardashian instead?

We should change this. Reading is not difficult. And don’t give me the excuse of not having time. You have to create time for the things that are important. I just finished reading ‘The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth’ by John Maxwell (I recommend this book for everyone who is serious about personal growth) and he says we have to be intentional about certain things. You have to be intentional about improving yourself and reading books is one of the ways to achieve this.

How many books did you read last month? In fact, how many books have you read this year? A man that does not read is a man that will be confined to his present reality. I have read many books by great leaders and one common trait in all of them is that they read good books. They draw their wisdom from the words and writings of other successful people. So I don’t know what kind of leader you hope to be if reading is ‘not your thing’.

Let’s go back to the time when we placed importance on reading. It’s not only for geeks or ‘efikos’. A person who is serious about life is one who reads frequently. Set a target of reading at least one good book (not romance novels please) a month to begin with. You can then increase this as time permits you.

I’ll leave you with this popular quote by Mark Twain, “The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.”

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4 Replies to “Avid reader or shallow-minded? Which one are you?”

  1. I agree with everything you said. These are thoughts that were in my head for a long time. I have been told to cut down my posts and I find that horrible. I have interesting things to say and I love to express myself. Why not be me? But people are reading less and less and reading easy things. I would rather read a novel than a whole week’s worth of my Twitter, etc messages.

    I hope to talk to you more. I am going to follow you. I was wondering if you do book tour posts? I have one coming up at the end of July. I will give you all of the info and you just arrange it how you want on your page. If you cannot, if you know bloggers that do it, please send them my way! Also if you love to read the author is offering a review copy. It is an adventure/mystery book and I read it and it was really good. I am halfway through the second. So you can do these two things together or separate. I hope to hear from you either way. You seem like a very interesting person. Have a great day!

    Love and Light,
    Mismatched Bookend Tours

  2. writing compliments reading. Lack of good reading culture, that’s what has deprived us of being original. we now see everything from hearsay perspectives. one of the best quality i see in an author is how he makes reference to good books. keep it up Adedoyin.

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