Riding on the fast moving train of love

In keeping with my promise to do more fun things with people, I went to the cinema today with a friend. I know, going to the cinema is not all that but for now, it will do. Remember baby steps. Anyway, I went to see ‘Think like a man too’ and I was laughing from the beginning till the end. There were some awkward scenes in the middle but it was a good movie altogether.

The movie got me thinking (yes, I think a lot). It got me thinking about this concept of love and finding the perfect person with whom you’ll spend the rest of your life with. In fact I’ve been having discussions along these lines for some weeks now. You see I was once a believer in true love; you know the whole your soul mate is out there and when you find the person you’ll live happily ever after. Well this was me until about two years ago. I was a romantic at heart. These days I think I’m getting a bit more cynical about this love thing. No I don’t think all men are disgusting neither do I think love doesn’t exist. My God is a God of love and He has shared His love into my heart so I definitely believe in love. What I don’t know about anymore is the hype that surrounds love or should I say ‘falling in love’.

I love seeing couples who truly love one another and hearing their love stories. It’s cute and all but for me right now, falling in love seems like such a chore. I think it gets complicated when you get older. When you meet a guy these days, there is usually an agenda. Almost always they go on the ‘I like you/ let’s have a relationship’ path. What happened to just being friends? What happened to hanging out without you making any moves to kiss me or do any funky stuff? How about we sit down and talk about things other than how much you like me. Don’t get me started on those who feel the need to send you messages on an hourly basis. It’s very choking! I don’t know if I’m the only one that feels like this.

I may be a bit cynical about falling in love but I believe in things taking their natural course. Most people are so much in a hurry to get married that they lose sight of important things like building friendships and really getting to know someone. Let’s pause a little bit on our love train. Breathe. Every thing doesn’t have to happen so fast. Yes we can’t control who we develop feelings for but we can control how we act on those feelings. Get to know the person first before you unleash the entirety of your love on them. You only end up getting hurt when they don’t feel the way you do and sometimes you can even scare them away with your love overload.

I know I will fall in love with somebody one day. I don’t know who and I don’t know when. What I know is that I won’t be rushed or coerced into it.

Photo Credit – SantaBanta


2 Replies to “Riding on the fast moving train of love”

  1. Hian! Great read. Not every guy is all about ‘making d moves’ sha. The flip side also to ‘just being friends’ is that the guy can be easily relegated to the ‘friend zone’ which isn’t such a great idea when he likes the girl. But well said in the end, and well written. I enjoyed reading this.

    1. Thanks! Yes, you’re right. That’s why I avoided making any general statements. You know, I’ve been asking people, what’s so bad about the friend zone?

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