It’s testimony time!

One thing I love about God is that He stays true to Himself. If you take His word and believe what He says, you will overcome anything. And I mean anything.

My choir gave me a book by Kenneth Hagin, ‘Mountain Moving Faith’ and it has been such a blessing! (Thank you Vessels of Gold). As I read the book, my understanding of how faith works changed. I began to see Mark 11:23 in a new way and I decided to put into action this new knowledge that I had just gained.

Since 2003, I have been wearing glasses. The optician said I had astigmatism and with this astigmatism came migraine. As my eyesight got worse, the migraine became frequent. Panadol stopped working for it and I endured weeks and weeks of intense pain. Mark 11:23 says that if I say to this mountain be ye removed and be cast into the sea and I don’t doubt in my heart and I believe that what I said will be done, then I will receive what I have said. So I put this God-kind of faith to action and started believing for perfect eyesight and healing from migraine.

This is what I did:
1) I confessed God’s word that by the stripes of Jesus, I am already healed. Isaiah 53:5.
2) I believed what I confessed. It didn’t matter that my sight was still blurry or I felt the pain in my head. As long as God says I am healed, I am indeed healed.
3) I thanked God for healing me.
4) I put in my faith into action. I stopped wearing my glasses. Now this was a huge step of faith because I can’t read for up to 2 hours before my head will begin to pound.
5) When I felt the pain in my head and the discomfort in my eyes, I just continued thanking God for my healing.

Today as I was reading a book on my ipod, I took my cup of tea and as I drank it, my right eye was closed, leaving me with my left eye to read. Guess what? I could see what I was reading. I couldn’t do this before. The astigmatism was stronger on my left eye and it was completely blurry. Here I was, now using the same left eye to read! And can I add, I’ve not worn my glasses in over a week and there was no migraine. Not once. I praise God!

I have started to exercise this mountain moving faith in other areas of my life. I shared this testimony to let you know that God’s word works. Never believe otherwise. If you are struggling with your faith, I want to recommend that you read Kenneth Hagin’s books on faith. I am currently reading ‘Exceedingly Growing Faith’ and all I can say is wow! There is so much we can do if only we activate our faith.

God’s word never fails. Never.


6 Replies to “It’s testimony time!”

  1. Yes! Yes! Tell it and we certainly overcome by the words of our testimony. I applaud you for using your faith as you did to receive your healing. Keep on telling it!

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