Reflections from a power weekend

This weekend was surely one of the longest weekends I’ve ever had and I do have long weekends at regular intervals.

I returned to my second base, Ibadan, and headed straight for a power night vigil in my church, Global Harvest Church Bodija. It’s funny how Ibadan is now becoming home for me; it’s not there yet. I remember when I was first posted to Ibadan for NYSC, I rejected it. What was I going to look for there? When, for the second time, in 2013 I was posted to Ibadan, I told myself I would just go for the three weeks orientation camp and return to Lagos. Well that didn’t happen and I am glad it didn’t.

I experienced such a tremendous growth in my spiritual life in Ibadan. When I moved back to Nigeria, one of the challenges I faced was getting a church that was like my church in Leeds, Living Hope Church (LHC). It didn’t happen. So many times I longed to go back to LHC. There was just this gap in my spiritual life and it was affecting other areas of my life. If I could, I would have definitely gone back to LHC. After months of crying to God, He finally answered by sending me to Ibadan and specifically to GHC. I didn’t see this as a blessing at the time.

I love God, I love my church and I love serving God. If there’s one thing everyone can agree on about me, it is that I am 100% dedicated to God. He’s my everything. Sometimes it is challenging but I just surrender myself to Him totally. For example, I just had to be at the power vigil on Friday. Then today we had a special service which we called Church Unusual and I was on my feet for the duration of the service which is usually two hours. It was powerful. Although my feet hurt (sadly I wore heels) and my voice had gone by the end of the service, it was such a privilege to minister today. In fact, it is a privilege for me to minister anytime. When I’m behind the microphone, the voice in my heart tells me I was born to do this.

I’m looking forward to this week; it’s going to be hectic. From rehearsals to a 3-day church programme, my plate is going to be full. I’m never worried though. God always gives me strength to do His work. And that is the thing about God. If He calls you to do something, He will give you all you need to get that thing done.

So that’s how my weekend went. Have a victorious week and no matter what the week brings, never ever forget that God loves you!


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