Walking with a thankful heart

We hear it every time; those of us that go to Church that is. ‘Give thanks to the Lord for He is good and His mercies endure forever’. How can you give thanks to God when the world around you is crashing down; when the future remains bleak? How can you say God is good when life seems to be a series of disasters; the recent one being more terrible than the last?

There was a time in my life that I used to think like this. Growing up in a broken home, you face many things that make you challenge your faith in God. In my case, I wasn’t even a Christian at the time so imagine my cynicism when people came to talk to me about God. How can you say God is good when he took my dad away from the house? Even after I pleaded with God and cried, my dad didn’t come back home. I wasn’t a Christian but I went to a Christian school so I had been exposed to who God was. Honestly I tried to believe in Him. My teenage years were a struggle. I was hurt and I felt this God that I read about in books was either not the person people said He was or He just didn’t like me. I just believed in Him for believing sake.

As I grew up, I began to understand God more and my relationship with Him deepened. It was easy to be thankful. Life was perfect. I was doing well in university and I had all that I could ever ask for. I don’t even remember what I used to pray for back then. I went to Church to mark the register. Then life dealt me another blow. Things went from bad to worse in a matter of seconds. Many times I cried to God but He did not answer my prayers. Finishing school was a struggle; law school was even worse. When I thought it was all over, then came the reality that I won’t be able to complete my Masters program with my peers. It was really difficult for me to be thankful. My life was not where I wanted it to be and it seemed my peers were getting ahead of me in every way possible.

Now I know better. In all of those ‘bad’ things that happened to me, God was faithful. Every time I look back at my life, especially the last four years, I can’t help but give thanks to God. Then I come across people that have been through such suffering; suffering that makes what I went through look like a mustard seed. When I hear their stories my heart breaks. As the tears drop, I feel bad for taking God for granted. You see, in the midst of whatever storms you are facing, God is there and He will see you through. The challenges I faced while in school and after I graduated prepared me for the bigger challenges that lay ahead and I was able to overcome them with grace. The challenges made me stronger; they made me become a better person. Most importantly, they have given me an avenue to encourage those who are going through the same things in their lives right now. My life has become a testimony that they will be fine.

I am still going through challenges but I do not doubt that everything will work together for my good. God did it before and He can and will surely do it again. Who am I not to be thankful? When you think there is nothing to be thankful for, simply thank God for life. We tend to take life for granted a lot. Recently, every time I go through GidiTraffic’s timeline, I see reports of accidents in several places with some being fatal. These were people who set out to go to work and planned on returning home afterwards. They didn’t have death on their agenda. Yet we wake up every morning, go out, face the heavy traffic which we all hate so much and still get home safely. Common, you have to be thankful for that at least.

One Scripture that keeps me thankful always is ‘Be still and know that I am God’. This means that whatever storms I face, I can rejoice and be still in God who makes everything perfect.

Adopt a life of daily thanksgiving. It works more wonders than being miserable or sad.

Photo Credit – Broadcasturantia.info


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